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There’s a long and not-that-positive history between New York City radio host Mike Francesa and soccer, from his annoyance over his FS1 simulcast being regularly bumped for Champions League games (which often tripled his ratings, but helped lead to his eventual parting of ways with Fox) to his 30-minute tutorial on the sport from St. John’s coach Dave Masur, and that continued Tuesday when Francesa tried to read a promo for a WFAN giveaway of New York City FC tickets. Here’s the clip, via @RNs_Funhouse:


Most of this is Francesa being very confused over whether NYC FC captain David Villa’s name is pronounced “Vee-ah” or “Vill-ah” (it’s the former), but he also drops a “shows how much attention I pay to this stuff,” comments on the New York Red Bulls’ “cute little stadum” (it seats 25,000), is confused about if he’s giving away NYC FC or Red Bulls’ tickets, and wonders about NYC FC’s lack of a nickname.

“So their name is just the New York City Football Club? That’s it? They don’t have a nickname? NYC FC? But they don’t call them anything else? They call them by their initials, that’s it? They don’t call them anything? They don’t have a tag or anything, they have nothing? That’s weird. …They don’t have the Chargers, or the Sun, or the Storm, or whatever, they’re just the football club?”

It says something about Francesa and his unending popularity in New York that he doesn’t even need to know the names of the teams in his market. At least he doesn’t need to be worried about Champions League preemption any more.


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