A few years back, Chris Broussard and his #sources were a hot topic around these parts. ESPN has gotten slightly better at actually crediting other outlets, online and traditional, but there’s always room for improvement. This week, we learned ESPN is far from the only place that sometimes struggles with proper attribution of credit.

As you may have seen, Tiger Woods teed it up with Donald Trump on Friday in Florida, a day after Tiger posted his shirtless “Santa” picture on Twitter. Here it is again, but it’s re-posted here to serve a purpose. Check the timestamp:

Nine minutes later, this tweet from Golf Digest was sent reporting that Tiger would be playing a round of golf with the next President:

It’s almost like Tiger was hoping to divert a bit of attention away from the Trump story. In any case, here’s how Golf Digest reported the news, in a story by Sam Weinman:

According to a source close to Trump, the President-elect is scheduled to play golf with Tiger Woods on Friday at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. The soon-to-be 45th president and former World No. 1 are expected to play alongside two Trump International members.

A solid scoop for Golf Digest, to be sure, as that was destined to be big news. And it was! Outlets all over picked it up, including The Golf Channel, UPI, CNN, Golfweek, People, Business Insider, NESN, The New York Post, and plenty of others. ESPN and USA Today cited pool reports, so maybe ESPN still has a few issues to work out.

But here’s the thing: Golf Digest wasn’t the first to report the story:

No Laying Up is a dedicated golf site. They’re not unknown in the golf world. One of their co-founders, Chris Solomon, covered the Ryder Cup for SB Nation. The No Laying Up podcast has boasted recent guests Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. They’re a growing outlet, appealing to golf fans who don’t fit in the traditional demographics of golf media (there’s a reason a lot of ED or heart medication commercials include an appeal to check out their ads in Golf Digest).

They’re not necessarily anti-establishment, but they’re certainly not part of it. Maybe that’s why it’s taken time for some folks to properly credit NLU for breaking golf-related stories. You might remember recently when Tiger Woods signed on to play Bridgestone golf balls; the first inkling anyone had of that came from a No Laying Up tweet in October:

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