Don Cherry

CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry is no stranger to political controversies, from bashing Canada staying out of the Iraq war to ripping “left-wing pinkos” at Rob Ford’s inauguration to saying the All Lives Matter anthem hijacking would please “left-wing weirdos” to praising John Tortorella’s anti-Kaepernick stance. Now, he’s reacting to the idea of Americans unhappy with Donald Trump’s election coming to Canada, and he’s not a big fan:

This isn’t at all a surprising stance from Cherry, well-known for his support of right-wing causes and politicians, but it’s interesting that he’s again voicing these kinds of sentiments. It will be particularly interesting to see if he says anything about Trump on Coach’s Corner Saturday night, or if he’ll just keep stating his opinions on Twitter. Maybe one day he’ll learn how to spell “weirdos.”


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