The Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in May is going to be a popular ticket for fight fans, but you may not see a lot of celebrities at the event…simply because of how high the ticket costs are. With ticket prices crossing the $100,000 mark, giving away comps could be a money-losing endeavor for the promoters.

However, there *is* apparently another way for celebrities to get comped for the event – advertise for a company, and they’ll pay for your ticket. TMZ Sports has some of the details.

But we’ve learned there’s another option. If a celeb is willing to endorse companies by wearing logo-emblazoned gear at the fight — that company will eat the ticket cost.

For instance, we’re told VOCO Vodka & Coconut Water has already made such offers to Leo, RiRi, and Big Willie … in exchange for front row seats.

If you’re one of those celebrities that is incredibly rich…why not just pay for the damn ticket yourself? I know getting something free is better than paying for it, but is getting something for free really all that great when you have to shill a company during fight night?

I wonder if there’s a provision requiring the celebrities to talk about the sponsor nonstop during any interviews at the event.

“So Leo, who do you think is gonna get the win tonight?”
“Max, I’m only here to talk about Qualcomm

Yeah, that would be just a little bit awkward…

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