Longtime readers of this website will know the outright glee we possess whenever Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch and ESPN’s Darren Rovell get into a Twitter War.  When those two start trading barbs on social media, it’s like discovering you’re favorite movie randomly replaying on television – you just have to sit down and watch it no matter what time it is or what else you may be doing.

Deitsch and Rovell have had some classic battles over the years on topics ranging from the Winter Olympics to tennis to phone chargers.  They were last seen sparring over photo credits on Twitter.

And now, the war has officially come to an end.  Over the weekend, Darren Rovell blocked Richard Deitsch on Twitter.

It’s tough to say who the winner is in this years-long conflict, but there is a clear loser – the American people.  It’s a sad, sad day at AA HQ to know that we’ll no longer be able to get the popcorn out for another classic Deitsch-Rovell Twitter War.  All we can do is publicly plead with Rovell to reconsider.  Hopefully at least Deitsch will continue to still subtweet the bejeezus out of Rovell.

And at the very least, we’ll always have our memories.  To look back one final time, here’s the Top 10 cannon shots across the bow from the epic Deitsch-Rovell feud…












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