Star Wars.  Jaws.  Friday the 13th.  Saw.  The great all-time series can't just stop at a trilogy, they have to push forward until every last drop can be squeezed out of the brand.  We all can look forward to the day when "Sharknado 7: Revenge of the Plot Holes" hits SyFy 2 in 2021.  When it comes to Twitter Wars, Deitsch vs Rovell is that series that never ends.  It just makes a comeback whenever the participants feel like returning to cut a new scene.

The best element of Deitsch vs Rovell is that their arguments are always about their differing worldviews and not what it is they're actually squaring off about.  Tennis in the United States and mobile phone chargers are merely the fire starters for this raging inferno of social media fisticuffs.

It's been more than a year since we featured a Deitsch v Rovell Twitter War, which is far, far too long.  Get the popcorn ready, here we go…


That Deitsch v Rovell duel actually featured something of a legitimate discussion on journalistic ethics.  I can't say who's more in the right on that front.  I'm a blogger.  I'll take all the free stuff I can get.

Ironically enough, this time it was Rovell that delivered the snark calling out Deitsch for his consistent subtweeting of the ESPN sports business reporter.  Usually Rovell isn't baited into those scraps, but it's clear Deitsch's near weekly pounding of subtweeting Rovell has taken its toll.  It's a move straight out of Grant's playbook at the Siege of Vicksburg I believe.

In the short term it was a bold play by Rovell – appearing to be the bigger man by not only calling out Deitsch's column, but his subtweeting.  However, in the long term perhaps it's advantage Deitsch psychologically.  And then the whole thing ends today with a highly awkward tete a tete about going public with charitable donations.  Although in a Twitter fight that started with a phone charger, maybe that's to be expected.

You decide who wins this round.  Deitsch or Rovell… Rovell or Deitsch? 

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