Warren Sapp is apparently taking up a new line of work… as Judge Sapp, in the mold of Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. The trailer is below, and quite frankly, it’s awesome in its campiness. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the trailer.

-Sapp in his judicial robe filling his car with gas. I’m not sure what this has to do with a courtroom show.
-Voiceovers from Sapp that are barely distinguishable due to extreme echoes and Sapp’s naturally deep voice.
-Sapp sitting in his judicial chambers, with a portrait of Jesus on the wall and three books standing on his desk.
-Sapp hitting the button to cross at a crosswalk… with the handle of his gavel.
-Sapp making pancakes, using his gavel to flatten them.
-Sapp in a suit on the bench, with a stoner-looking guy in the judge’s robes screaming OVERRULED.
-Sapp pulling a suit jacket out of a laundromat dryer, and dancing as he puts it on.
-A Wheel of Fortune style wheel, possibly spun to hand out punishments or rewards to parties involved. You can’t make this up.


I didn’t even get into the litany of defendants on the show, who appear to be extreme caricatures of the typical guests on courtroom shows. Judge Sapp will be available on the Youtube channel The NOC, and the first episode was supposed to be out on June 13th. Nearly a week later, and all we have is this trailer. I really hope the plug hasn’t been pulled on this, because this is some hilariously terrible stuff.

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