In this preview from E3 for EA Sports’ Madden NFL ’13, many features of the game are revealed. One such feature is a Twitter feed featuring NFL reporters and personalities talking about your player and the rest of the league in the game’s career mode. Among the featured personalities are Adam Schefter, Rich Eisen, Ross Tucker, Mark Schlereth, Chris Mortensen, and… Skip Bayless. Of course.

Yep, that seems like a typical real life Skip Bayless tweet – crapping on a player and then using his own brand of rhetoric to justify it. Part of me wants to start a career as Tim Tebow and play terribly in order to get Bayless’ virtual account to… gasp …talk negatively about his favorite player. Imagine that tweet, but with “T. Tebow” replacing “R. Wayne.” Or maybe there’s some sort of filter that shifts the blame from Tebow to his teammates if he’s struggling.

Keep an eye on this when the game comes out in August, it could lead to some hilarious exchanges that you would never see in real life.

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