A Philadelphia sports radio host has reportedly been fired from a TV gig after offensive comments about female play-by-play announcers.

Last month, after Beth Mowins called a Monday Night Football game for ESPN, 97.5 the Fanatic host Mike Missanelli wondered why Mowins should have that job… while admitting he didn’t actually listen to her call the game. As reported by Crossing Broad:

“I don’t know why the sporting world needs a female play-by-play person on an NFL game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to know what is the reason for it?”

After Missanelli said women shouldn’t call football games because they haven’t played the sport, his producer Andrew Salciunas pointed out that many male play-by-play commentators, such as Sean McDonough, were not exactly elite athletes themselves.

Salciunas: “I just want to give my rebuttal real quick. Do you think Sean McDonough ever played a down of football in his life?”

Missanelli: “I don’t know if he did or not. Um, but, I think that he… see, I would have to understand how Beth Mowins grew up, if she grew up following football and, um, you know, I don’t know. Sean McDonough as a guy is more in-tuned with football than a woman would be, in my opinion. Now, I know people are saying I can’t believe he’s saying that, he’s usually liberal. And usually I am, and I’m feeling kind of hinky bringing this up, I just don’t understand why there is the need for it.”

Missanelli: “It just to me sounds unnatural for her to be calling the NFL. Now, in college, it sounds sort of unnatural as well. But I can live with college. But this is prime time, Monday Night Football. I didn’t catch a lot of the game. Was she good? If she did a good job, then I’m wrong.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Missanelli announced on his show Thursday that the remarks had gotten him fired from his side-gig, on the local ABC affiliate Sports Sunday show. He said he had no one to blame but himself, but called the station’s response “harsh,” mentioned “haters” on social media, noted that you can’t say things like that “these days” and attempted to tie in ESPN’s response to Jemele Hill’s comments about Donald Trump.

“I said it to stimulate conversation, but I was wrong in saying it. And I walked the comment back almost immediately, if you remember Andrew.

“But what happened was, a lot of haters blew it up on social media, and I was dismissed from the Channel 6 gig.

“Now I have nobody to blame but myself. Did I think it was a harsh result? Yeah, I do think it was a harsh result. But I was the one who said it. There are some things you can’t do, these days.

What I didn’t realize is that Channel 6 is owned by Disney, which owns ESPN, and I had mentioned an ESPN broadcaster.

“Jemele Hill didn’t get fired [by ESPN]. I got popped. And there’s the irony.”

Discrimination against women in sports media has been a hot topic this week in the wake of Cam Newton’s disparaging comments to a female reporter, but the situation with Missanelli does not have to be complicated. The guy didn’t even listen to Mowins call a game before he criticized her right to be on air. Decrying the career advancement of a woman you know nothing about based solely on her gender is not cool. Missanelli learned that the hard way.

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  • philly97

    Lemme guess, your next piece is going to call for the Eagles to fire Merrill Reese and bring in Beth Mowins?

  • MrBull

    Whether or not it was worded right the fact is that the old school tradition of sports broadcasting is being changed by espn and other regional channels…the main point of contention is that is just does not sound right to hear a woman providing play by play or analyst insight, period!…
    And that is not wrong to say that nor is it sexist or demeaning to women…people are entitled to their opinion and should be able to express them without being criticized by trolls or worst fired from a job…

  • Grumpy Old Man

    What if he had said:

    I don’t know why the sporting world needs AN AMERICAN play-by-play
    person on a EUROPEAN SOCCER game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to
    know what is the reason for it?

    That discussion happens every single day and no one arguing either side is called racist, sexist, xenophobic, or worse.

    I think Gus Johnson is great on college football, but was awful on soccer.

    Am I racist?

    Am I even allowed to say that?

    Today’s snowflakes believe any opinion they don’t espouse must be violating one of their 800,000 social rules.

    • Brent Garrison

      Are you hanging out in Charlottesville??

      • Grumpy Old Man

        Typical contribution by a member of the eternally aggrieved.

        Any thoughts on the subject of this article?

        Or do you prefer pretending to look down over the great unwashed?

        How did my comment make you think of Charlottesville?

        • Steve Sanders

          He’s not a real football fan.

    • Steve Sanders

      Soccer? Lol bro go home, you’re drunk. Nobody cares about soccer.

  • ☆BISHIP_G☆

    I understand both sides and I’ll also say it is in fact very hard to listen to for a whole game,but it could just be that she has an annoying speaking voice which she does..

  • Doremi Fasolatido

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • waltdisney

    this clown has women issues. Got nailed in the past for taking shots at Michelle Beadle, Erin Andrews and other successful women and has been called out for it in national media. A lucky local hack in a city where media talent is non-existent and no one moves on to bigger and better things. The delicious irony is he plays a SJW leader on his radio show – sucking up to blacks to curry favor and “street cred” – but is an elitist, white dude who probably has never hung out with any minorities. He also had a white producer call in regularly pretending to be a black caller and then suggested he didn’t know it was a white guy when the whole thing was exposed. Love watching demented liberals get eaten by their own ilk.

  • OOS

    Has anyone ever seen Mowins and Reba Macintyre in the same room?

  • mattellis

    Beth knows football but her voice annoys me. I turn off the sound when she’s announcing. There are several male announcers who annoy me as well. I have no idea who called the WMU vs Buffalo game Saturday but that guy should be told that when the outcome could be decided on a particular play, he should mention it and pay attention instead of musing over some mundane statistic or back story. Mowins is competent at football announcing, but her voice annoys me. I do not think she’s as competent at announcing softball, but someone at ESPN has decided that she is –and that’s all that matters in the end. Could 1,000 male announcers no one has ever heard of test better with sports fans than Beth Mowins? Probably more than that, but that’s not the point. Is it?

  • Rich

    Beth Mowins is awful….it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman. Brent Mussberger is just as awful. I’ll listen to anyone call a game as long as they’re not annoying as hell. Erin Andrews is not annoying, Holly Rowe is not annoying…….Beth tries to invent her own terminology and get all snappy and cute with her calls….just like Mussberger.

  • Steve Sanders

    It’s just political correctness being shoved down our throats. I case you haven’t figured it out, the game you grew up with is dying, and espn and women are responsible for it. There is no bringing it back at this point, and it will only be a matter of time before standards are further reduced, and the nfl has it’s first woman player. Feminism is literally the worst thing that has ever happened in this country, and certainly to football.