Cam Newton's response to Jourdan Rodrigue's question.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton created a controversy with his response to a question from Charlotte Observer Panthers’ beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue on Wednesday. Rodrigue asked about receiver Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of his routes, and if Newton enjoyed seeing him hit people. Newton said “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”, then further repeated “it’s funny” with a grin after a dead silence before then talking about Funchess a bit:

The full video is available here, with Rodrigue’s question starting around 6:40. Here’s the transcript of her question:

Rodrigue took exception to Newton’s response on Twitter:

And she received plenty of support from other female NFL writers and reporters:

Rodrigue also said she talked to Newton afterwards and “it was worse”:

Others weighed in to criticize Newton:

This is not a good look at all for Newton, and it brings up flashbacks of some of the spurious arguments against women in locker rooms that have been made over the years against reporters like Claire Smith. Rodrigue was doing her job and asked Newton a reasonable question. For him to be dismissive based on her gender is problematic, and it shows some of the issues women in sports media still have to contend with.

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