ESPN's Ryen Russillo was arrested Wednesday in Wyoming.

ESPN’s Ryen Russillo was arrested in Wyoming on a charge of criminal entry Wednesday morning, as per the Teton County Sheriff’s Office (based in Jackson Hole, WY). Jackson Hole News and Guide sports editor Clark Forster was the first to note this, and it’s since been picked up by The Lead, Deadspin and TMZ. The News and Guide has more details in this story:

Officers were called around 3:30 a.m. to a condo in the 500 block of Snow King Loop for a report of a “highly intoxicated male who was refusing to leave.”

Two people were asleep in the condo when they heard someone come in. They didn’t know the man and asked him to leave because he was drunk, according to reports. Police arrived a few minutes later. 

“Occupants pointed the suspect out who was found in a bedroom,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz said.

Russillo, of West Hartford, Connecticut, reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

“He couldn’t coherently answer any questions,” Schultz said.

Russillo didn’t know where he was and thought maybe he was staying in the condo, police said.

Update: And, it turns out, he was naked except for his pants around his ankles:

That News and Guide piece goes on to point out that the occupants asked Russillo to leave, but Schultz said “He was too intoxicated to follow through with the request.” Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf has more on what a charge of criminal entry means in Wyoming:

In the state of Wyoming, criminal entry is a misdemeanor similar to trespassing:

6-3-302. Criminal entry; penalties; affirmative defenses.

(a) A person is guilty of criminal entry if, without authority, he knowingly enters a building, occupied structure, vehicle or cargo portion of a truck or trailer, or a separately secured or occupied portion of those enclosures.

…(c) Criminal entry is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both.

ESPN and Russillo haven’t yet commented on this. Russillo has been with ESPN Radio since 2006, first working as a host across multiple sports and properties. In 2009, he started co-hosting a daily afternoon radio show with Scott Van Pelt, then with Danny Kanell, and then by himself since Kanell was laid off in April. There were initially rumors that Russillo would be cut or taking a reduced role too, so much so that he started looking for houses in Los Angeles, but those proved not to be the case.

Russillo has been on vacation recently, with Will Cain filling in on The Russillo Show (which is simulcast on ESPNews) this week. He recently tweeted from Montana and sent an August 16 tweet about how he was going to be in Jackson Hole around Monday’s eclipse (which drew plenty of visitors to town), but not for it:

His most recent tweets are about the Cavs/Celtics trade Tuesday night:

We’ll update this story with more details as they become available.

[Jackson Hole News and Guide]

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  • Josh Brinks

    His team just got Kyrie; he must have partied all night. I’d be pumped if it were the Pistons!

  • PAI


  • souvien

    The “nude but for pants around the ankles” part is gonna be hard to shake…

    That said…still better than listening to Stephen A…

  • Ondreij Schevchenko

    Lucky he didn’t get shot.

  • MrBull

    Done!…Espn will dump him by invoking the morals clause in his contract..nice move Ryan, you idiot!…

  • Walt_Gekko

    Showing why you need to be careful, especially with drinking.

    I would not be surprised if Rusillo was let go over this, especially since ESPN could make Stephen A. Smith’s show that airs from 1:00-3:00 PM ET on 98.7 ESPN in New York and 710 in LA as well as nationally on satellite a full national show OR move SAS’s radio show to say 6:00-8:00 PM ET nationally (while pushing everyone on after that currently back by one hour), shorten Bonami Jones to 4:00-6:00 PM ET nationally and have Michael Kay’s current 3:00-7:00 PM ET show on 98.7 in New York (with Don LaGreca and Peter Rosenberg) become a national show from 1:00-4:00 PM ET (possibly with two additional local hours after that in New York from 4:00-6:00 PM).

    • DrewShervin

      He will be gone no matter how much Mr “I’m so important” SVP pleads for ESPN to keep him.

  • jim louree

    ESPN should bring back Danny Kanell.

    • inku palios

      ESPN should’ve fired Rusillo when the network fired Kanell.

  • jim louree

    ESPN should bring back Danny Kanell.

  • jim louree

    I’m really shocked by these events, Ryen Russillo is very sharp.

    • Mike

      AA folks, please check the comments more often. These b.s. spam postings need to go.

  • Stuie299

    This is unfortunate. Oh well, it just means Fox Sports might actually be getting a worthwhile person this time.

    • ncpete

      Russillo doesn’t strike me as the Fox Sports type. He has spoken out multiple times against the people that have a hot take just to try to get headlines. They also have a pretty set radio lineup and they’ve already got enough bloated salaries on the TV side.

    • Raymond Chuang

      I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX Sports Radio is studying the idea of reuniting Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell on a new radio show.

      • Brad Clemons

        Fox sports radio would be great for him. All the nobodies go there to die. You have Cowturd and Bayless..

  • JonahFalcon

    What? A dude-bro with a college mentality whose heavy into professional wrestling getting shitfaced and sleeping in a stranger’s bedroom? Naaaaah, that’s impossible.

  • DrewShervin

    He better be terminated by the no tolerance network. Disney owned terminates employees for speaking their mind. They let people go if a male employee tells a female employee “Your looking nice today”. No excuses, no rehab. I expect Ryen to be gone within 30 days.
    And SVP can cry in his beer. If they keep Ryen they are total hypocrites.

  • Destro

    Guy gets drunk in unfamiliar town, goes into wrong condo accidentally and passes out. I see how that might could happen. The whole being naked with his pants around his ankles though, that takes it to another level. Only reasonable thing I can think of is if he usually sleeps naked and he was so drunk his mind was just going on autopilot.

  • sportsfan365

    No friends or family? Sad…

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  • OneFlapDown

    So drunk he spelled Ryan with an ‘e’.

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