Amid the mass layoffs at ESPN on Wednesday came a report from Hollywood Reporter that several big-name ESPN personalities, including Ryen Russillo, would be taking on reduced roles moving forward.

When Russillo’s radio partner Danny Kanell announced he had been let go, it seemed to figure that Russillo was in trouble.

But as it turned out, Russillo was neither laid off nor reduced, and on Thursday he tweeted that he will continue to host his radio show on weekday afternoons and that he will return to the air Monday.

Russillo tweeted that a rival agency had planted an incorrect report about him and others being reduced, for reasons unclear.

ESPN guru Jim Miller had reported the same story on Wednesday.

Given the timing of Russillo’s announcement that he’s safe, it sounds as if maybe he agreed to renegotiate his contract with ESPN and settled on new terms Thursday.

Anyway, he will apparently be holding onto his radio show, though it obviously won’t be called Russillo & Kanell anymore. We’ve heard no word yet if Russillo will get a co-host or who it will be, but he’ll likely be flying solo next week.

Russillo said he will address the situation on his show Monday. He’s a good radio host who’s been part of ESPN’s lineup for a long time, first with Scott Van Pelt and then with Kanell, so it’s good to hear he’s sticking around.

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