Amid much debate over the end of ESPN’s brief partnership with Barstool and the latter site’s history of disrespecting women, former sports columnist and television personality Jenn Sterger had a story to tell.

Sterger, who famously accused Brett Favre of sending her inappropriate photos in 2010, tweeted Monday night that ESPN is “JUST as bad,” as Barstool when it comes to treatment of women (She would later clarify that she had not meant to make allegations against Barstool). She explained in a note that an unnamed ESPN employee sexually harassed her on two occasions: once bringing her to a strip club without telling her where they were going, and once inviting her for a job “interview” only to parade her around the office, pepper her with uncomfortable questions and ask her out.

Sterger first came to national attention in 2005, when Brent Musburger commented on her appearance during a Florida State-Miami game. She modeled for Maxim and Playboy, then began writing a recurring column for She later worked as a stadium host for the New York Jets, where she was allegedly harassed by Favre, and hosted Race to March Madness on ABC and The Daily Line on Versus. According to her Twitter bio, she is currently a “comedian/actor/writer.”

Sterger’s story about the way the unnamed ESPN employee treated her is consistent with the testimony of other women in sports media, who are often objectified, disrespected or hit on while at work. It is the type of experience that makes women feel unwelcome or even unsafe in sports media.

In the early days of ESPN, the network was known as a wild-west of sexual behavior often crossing into harassment. In recent years, ESPN has acted on allegations of sexual harassment and assault against it employees and become better than most sports media outlets about hiring and elevating women into prominent and sometimes untraditional roles. If the network is truly committed to being a hospitable place for women it will take Sterger’s allegations seriously and investigate her claims.

Here is ESPN’s statement on the matter:

UPDATE: Sterger has been tweeting all day about sexual harassment at ESPN, why it is difficult to come forward and why she did not mean to allege sexual harassment at Barstool.

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  • Jane Gray

    Keith Olbermann I presume. Democrats…

    • PAI

      Well unless it was Britt McHenry there aren’t many Republicans there.

  • ncpete

    ESPN is about to learn that the fallout from dropping Barstool is 10 times worse than being associated with Barstool. Sterger is just the start, the floodgates are going to open with dozens of similar stories and most likely some high profile names are going to get dragged into this.

  • The only surprise is that it was only one man. At the moment, I am believing and expecting the worst.

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  • Roger Bournival

    After reading this column and this afternoon’s Twitter exchange between Robbie and Jenn, it’s too bad Jenn used Barstool Sports as a doormat to make her point about ESPN being ‘just as bad’. It’s not even close.

  • BobLee Says

    Poor “CEO Skippy”…. between cable-cutters and disinterested millennials and Schilling, Ditka, Bayless, Cowherd, Whitlock, Simmons, McHenry… the 100+ layoffs then JEMELE then Barstool now Jenn Freakin’ Sterger… and Who Know What Next…. gotta figure Bob Iger wants one day without “Excuse me Mr Iger, but there seems to be another problem in Bristol… again”. ….. “Hey Skippy, this is Iger. What punchbowl did you p*ss in today you blithering nitwit?”….

  • smack_libs_around

    How do you model for Maxim and Playboy, then whine about women being ‘objectified?’ Hello? In related news, this ‘unnamed’ guy will be ‘named’ soon enough because ESPN will jettison him and then we’ll all know.

    • Christopher Bates

      So, are you saying that it’s impossible for someone who has done modeling to be sexually harassed? Or are you saying that someone who models gives all men license to sexually harass them for the rest of their lives? Because either position seems pretty stupid.

    • StoJa

      Hey, that chick in the short skirt was asking to be raped, amirite? Fuck off, dude.

  • BobLee Says

    Didn’t everyone’s favorite old lech – Brent Musberger “discover” Jenn and her “Seminole cowgirl” pals in Doak-Campbell? I recall he suggested they were outstanding ambassadors for increased male enrollments at FSU. Guess she never pursued that career angle, did she? Maybe Brent has a position for her in that Vegas bookie service he started up?

  • BobLee Says

    “Bristol” has long had the reputation, totally deserved or not, of “a lot of hanky panky”… sports celebrities constantly coming /going… an endless supply of J-school interns… remote location… 24/7 operation…Yeeee HA!

  • Adam Domo

    Why is she hiding this unnamed employee though? At this point what is she afraid of?