ESPN Hires Pete Carroll For A Night

Right when you thought Pete Carroll’s Bowl Season was over, ESPN has to go and hire him to be an analyst for the BCS Championship Game. Carroll will appear on a few Sports Centers, College Gameday and of course the coverage of the Texas-Alabama showdown at the Rose Bowl. Via ESPN…. USC head coach Pete […]

Announcer Working Alamo Bowl, Gets Alamo Bowl Coach Suspended

Craig James is scheduled to call the Alamo Bowl on Saturday, but this time he’ll be a part of the storyline. Craig James’ son Adam plays for Texas Tech (who’s playing in the Alamo Bowl against Michigan State), and recently suffered a concussion. Adam wanted to sit out a practice or two, but apparently Tech […]

Could Someone Get This Silly Hurt Player Off The Field For Pammy….NOW!

Ah yes, what holiday season would be complete without a clip from Pam Ward to celebrate your New Year? Pammy thought she was throwing it to the studio for an update during the thrilling Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, but alas….she was still on live. Enjoy (from KSJ via Deadspin)! The irony of all of […]

Paul Steigerwald Upsets Veterans

You know I always say that if you’re going to say something that a person or group would find offensive, it’s best to not say it at all, but the uproar of the latest case of verbal diahhrea even has me rolling my eyes. Paul Steigerwald is an announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and today […]

This Young Villanova Fan Has A Message For You

A correct use of a middle finger during a broadcast can be hilarious, but when it comes from a little kid, it’s f’ing awesome! This little Villanova fan has a message for you this holiday season…. Man they start them young in Philly don’t they? I love how the dad almost knocked the kid […]

Bad News Braves Fans, You’re Getting Chip Back

Oh how quickly good news can change. A cheer was heard from Baseball fans around the globe two weeks ago when Chip Caray was dropped by TBS, but the cheers specifically coming from Atlanta will now be changing to groans. Chip Caray is heading back to Atlanta to call Braves games on FOX Sports South […]

Your NBA Announcing Schedule For The Week Of 12/21

Monday, December 21st Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns (NBATV, 9pm)- Local Announcers Tuesday, December 22nd Oklahoma City Thunder at LA Lakers (NBATV, 10:30pm)- Local Announcers Wednesday, December 23rd Houston Rockets at Atlanta Hawks (NBATV, 7pm)- Local Announcers Friday, December 25th Miami at New York (ESPN, Noon)- Dan Shulman, Doris BurkeBoston at Orlando (ABC, 2:30pm)- Mike […]

Don Cherry Responds To Doctor Tator

A week ago, Don Cherry was blamed by a random doctor in Toronto for violence in Hockey. Well on Saturday, Cherry finally spoke about that matter and of course he had a bit of a disagreement with his accuser, Dr. Tator…. As the clip said, Dr. Tator has been trying to apologize to Cherry […]

Dear FOX, It’s Time To Send Dick Stockton Out To Pasture

I’ve been rather easy on Dick Stockton all year long. I’ve ignored the player name mistakes, and I even decided against pulling the video of him calling the play clock “the shot clock” last week. But after today’s play-by-play abortion, I just can’t keep quiet anymore. Not only did Stockton screw up just about everyone’s […]

Tommy Kelly Had A Bit Of A Wardrobe Malfunction

There was a play earlier in the season which ended in Devin Hester showing his posterior to the world, but that’s nothing compared to this one. Raiders DT Tommy Kelly made a heck of a stop on Knowshon Moreno near the goal line, but was pants’ed in the process…. Ummm….yeah. I don’t really have […]

Santa Kruk Is Coming To Town

I don’t know if you were watching the NBA pregame show on ESPN last night, but both Jamaal Mashburn and Avery Johnson handed out gifts to various NBA teams for a bit (The Spurs got anti-aging cream….SO CLEVER!). Well ESPN is doing the same thing for Baseball, but they’re amping it up a little bit […]

Bill Plaschke Would Like To Defend ATH For A Second

I haven’t watched an episode of Around The Horn since I was doing those video clips for Deadspin, and even then it was begrudgingly. Well recently SI put together a Best of Sports Media for the decade, and not only did we receive an ridiculous (yet extremely appreciated) honorable mention for Sports Blog of the […]

Your Week Fifteen NFL Announcing Schedule (And Broadcast Maps)

Thanks as always to for the broadcast maps…. NFL Network Thursday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (Bob Papa, Matt Millen)NFL Network Saturday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints (Bob Papa, Matt Millen)NBC Sunday Night Football: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers (Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth)ESPN Monday Night Football: NY Giants at […]

ESPN Bringing In Mariah Carey And Kermit The Frog For Basketball Spots

In the ever growing practice of bringing in random singers and guests for games, ESPN has decided to bring in two more great stars to add to their Basketball coverage this holiday. Yes, Mariah Carey and Kermit The Frog will add their talent to two separate Basketball games this Holiday. Kermit will be talking to […]

Erin Andrews “Loses It” When Seeing Predator In Person

I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to see someone who had violated me, in person, but that’s just what Erin Andrews had to do yesterday. And according to a transcript that SbB pulled from TMZ, she admitted to “losing it” when seeing him…. “I wanted to go right in and get […]