I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to see someone who had violated me, in person, but that’s just what Erin Andrews had to do yesterday. And according to a transcript that SbB pulled from TMZ, she admitted to “losing it” when seeing him….

“I wanted to go right in and get it over with. To see him (Barrett) face-to-face. The first couple minutes were very difficult. I lost it. My Dad was trying to help me keep it together. I looked at him a few times to see what his reaction was. Now that I’ve been thrust into this role, I want to the judge to see me and how emotional I was.

“I believe he should be classified as a sexual predator. I want him to stay in jail as long as possible. He’s a threat to all women. I dont want somone else’s career to be ruined like this. It wont come off the internet. Still to this day every time I check into a hotel room, I’m constantly looking around to see if he’s there. I wanted (today) to give the judge a sense of what he’s done.”

“People bring it up. They think it’s funny. I’m embarrassed and humiliated. I’m still scared to stay in hotels and my house.”

Andrews’ lawyer went on to say that he and Erin are disappointed in the plea deal agreed upon for Barrett, and given the fact the Andrews was one of twelve (alleged) victims, I would have to agree. He is only going to be sentence on one count of stalking, will not have to register as a sex offender, and the maximum sentence it carries is 5 years. Hopefully EA can finally get closure, but I don’t think justice has been served in this matter.

Erin Andrews Sees ‘Predator’ In Person: ‘I Lost It’ (Sports by Brooks)

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