Craig James is scheduled to call the Alamo Bowl on Saturday, but this time he’ll be a part of the storyline. Craig James’ son Adam plays for Texas Tech (who’s playing in the Alamo Bowl against Michigan State), and recently suffered a concussion. Adam wanted to sit out a practice or two, but apparently Tech Coach Mike Leach did not taken kindly to that idea. He (allegedly) ordered a trainer to put Adam in an electrical closet, to which (surprisingly) Papa James did not take kindly to….

Sources told ESPN’s Joe Schad that the Jameses felt Adam was treated inappropriately by Leach because he was unable to practice after a mild concussion. A source close to the James family told Schad that Leach directed a trainer to confine him to an equipment room for three hours and, days later, told a trainer to place James in an electrical closet. An attorney for Leach said that while James was secluded twice, the circumstances were not as portrayed by the James family.

“Mr. and Mrs. James took the step with great regret and after consideration and prayer to convey to the Texas Tech administration that their son had been subjected to actions and treatment not consistent with common sense rules for safety and health,” the family said in a statement released on Monday.

Well then. Texas Tech has now suspended Leach for the Alamo Bowl and he could be facing even further action following an investigation. ESPN certainly protects their own, so I’d be worried if I were him.

Leach suspended after player complaint (ESPN)