Jamie Erdahl has taken a break from her usual Good Morning Football duties on NFL Network to work the men’s NCAA Tournament for CBS/Warner Bros Discovery Sports. Teamed with Andrew Catalon and Steve Lappas at the Columbus subregional, she has seen her share of great games from the historic 16-1 seed upset of Purdue at the hands of Fairleigh Dickinson, plus Florida Atlantic-Memphis and Michigan State’s run to the Sweet 16.

An experienced sideline reporter, whether it’s been at NESN, the SEC on CBS and this weekend on the men’s NCAA Tournament, she’s used a great sense of humor in her interviews.

Right after the Fairleigh Dickinson-Florida Atlantic game, Erdahl had the opportunity to interview FAU star Johnell Davis, who provided the world with a truly viral moment by swearing. He immediately realized what he’d done on live television, but Erdahl quickly put him at ease as evidenced here:

Erdahl started the interview by asking Davis if he played as if he had something to prove.

Davis said, “Yeah, a lot. I’ve been trying to prove this shit since Day One. Oh…” as he caught himself.

Erdahl then replied, “That’s alright! It happens to all of us. We’re on truTV, man…”

Erdahl herself later put out a tweet:

As mentioned, Erdahl has had a great weekend on the sidelines. On Friday after Marquette’s win over Vermont, she brought out a milkshake for coach Shaka Smart who celebrates wins with what else? Milkshakes for the team!

Erdahl said, “You know I feel terrible because I only have a single milkshake for the two of you. Who does it get to go to, coach?”

Smart countered, “This goes to you because we’re gonna have our milkshakes back at the hotel. I want you on national TV to take a sip.”

Erdahl replied, “You don’t have to tell me twice, coach!”

She said it tasted like victory as it should.

Even before that interview, Erdahl was doing prep and getting whipped cream for the milkshake that she would eventually consume, but first thinking that she would be handing it to Smart.

“There was a food segment and I naturally had to volunteer.” Tremendous.

And there was this interview with Michigan State coach Tom Izzo after the team won over USC. During the game, Izzo broke a whiteboard and Erdahl discussed that with the coach.

Izzo said, “These are harder to break than those old cardboard ones that Lappas had!”

“That what he said,” Jamie replied.

“He wouldn’t have been strong enough to break this,” Izzo said.

“Is that a gift for Lapp,” she asked.

“Yeah, keep it that to Lapp.”

That wasn’t the only interaction Erdahl had with Izzo. After Sparty’s win over Marquette on Sunday, Erdahl got Izzo yearning for some New York pizza thanks to Tyson Walker who hails from the Empire State and that’s where Michigan State is headed for the East Regional:

Izzo said, “I tell him two things. You get me there, I want a cab ride and one of them big slices of pizza … so that’s what Tyson owes me….”

After FDU made history with its upset of Purdue, Erdahl asked coach Tobin Anderson what the victory meant and what his dad would think right now.

Overall, it was a great weekend for Jamie Erdahl. And for you Good Morning Football fans, don’t worry. She’ll be back at her day job on NFL Network this Tuesday morning.

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