Earlier this week, Charles Barkley has been in his native Alabama campaigning for Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones. While Barkley is politically Independent, he endorsed Jones due to opponent Roy Moore’s allegations of child molestation and sexual assault.

Jones won the election in the deeply Republican state and much credit for that win was due to black people and black women specifically, who had a higher turnout than men. Barkley was on CNN echoing those thoughts and praised his home state for electing Jones.

Inspired by the election, Barkley wanted to give back by pledging $1 million for black women in Alabama to start IT businesses. No doubt a very great and noble gesture that will surely help people possibly achieve the American dream. Then Barkley decided to make a joke about how the money will not going for opening “hair salons and restaurants” that really put a damper on such a nice move.

Kenny Smith expressed a thought that many people had, why couldn’t Barkley just leave it at donating the money and we can all have a heartwarming moment. Barkley said he “likes to have fun” and I get he didn’t mean anything bad by it but yeesh, that definitely wasn’t the best thing to say.

Joke aside, Charles Barkley is certainly doing something great and despite the cringeworthy way he presented it, his heart was in the right place. Looking forward to see how this helps the state of Alabama and the people there.

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