Patrick Beverley discusses getting traded on his podcast with Adam Ferrone. Patrick Beverley discusses getting traded on his podcast with Adam Ferrone. (@PatBevPod on Twitter/X.)

There have been many cases of news breaking from unusual sources over the years. That’s sometimes included the players involved and their own channels. And that’s what happened Thursday with Patrick Beverley’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks from the Philadelphia 76ers, with his own podcast Twitter/X account beating noted NBA insiders Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium to the news by four and five minutes respectively:

This prompted some funny commentary, including from Beverley’s personal account:

Meanwhile, an “emergency episode” of that Barstool Sports-presented podcast saw Beverley tell co-host Adam Ferrone that Sixers’ president of basketball operations Daryl Morey had told him recently (around a Jan. 27 game against the Denver Nuggets) that he wouldn’t be traded:

Beverley: “So we playing in Denver and I hit Daryl Morey with ‘hey, I’m getting traded?’ ‘You? No. No, not you, no. Of course not.’

Rone: “So he’s a liar.”

Beverley: “(laughs) What you guys think, you feel me? Like you know. There’s probably a bigger move that’s about to happen. Certainly you wanna win right now, you know, a player like me, I wanna win right now. So now I get a chance to be with Doc [Rivers] too… I can’t wait.”

It’s interesting that Beverley is looking on the bright side of life here, including around teaming up with former ESPN commentator and current Bucks’ coach Doc Rivers. And he also commented on how he needs to patch things up with Bucks’ star Damian Lillard, who he’s criticized before:

But it’s also interesting to see Beverley break the news of this deal himself. That’s certainly been done a few times before by athletes, but it’s still relatively uncommon. And it’s notable to see Beverley, who has this significant podcast presence, beat the usual NBA insiders to this news.

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