LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Sports Illustrated piece as told to Lee Jenkins that went live on Friday.

Just in case you don’t believe LeBron’s own words, ESPN’s Chris Broussard is here to confirm them. Or should we say confirn them.

But he wasn’t done there. After consulting his trusty cell phone live on SportsCenter, he revealed that the announcement was not false.

Now that Broussard has authenticated the piece written by James himself, we can all rest easy. We’re shocked that he didn’t cite his sources this time.

[H/T Matt ClappLarry Brown Sports]

About Josh Gold-Smith

Josh is a staff writer and the resident video editor for Awful Announcing. He is also a news editor at theScore, based in Toronto. GIF has a hard G, Bridgeport Sound doesn't exist, and the jury's still out on #Vineghazi

76 thoughts on “Chris Broussard confirms LeBron’s announcement, in case you don’t believe LeBron

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