Travis and Jason Kelce discuss the internet finding Travis' old tweets. Travis and Jason Kelce discuss the internet finding Travis’ old tweets. (New Heights on YouTube.)

There are many remarkable things about the surge of interest in NFL brothers Travis and Jason Kelce this year. That’s included the “Kelce Bowl” coverage of them squaring off in February’s Super Bowl, the continued growth of their Wave Sports+Entertainment-presented New Heights podcast, Travis hosting Saturday Night Live and dating Taylor Swift, and Jason being featured in a Prime Video documentary and joining other Philadelphia Eagles’ linemen for a second-straight charity Christmas album.

But one of the funniest parts of this recently has been much of the internet (led by Swift’s fans) discovering Travis Kelce’s old tweets, many of which were sent back when he played in college at Cincinnati (2008-12). Those included everything from “just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!!” to ” “watching an old school bruce lee movie with some chipolte in my lap!!” to “NAP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” to “Why do I always have to be the one that stands out…I’m getting staired at like crazy in this airport…smh.” And the Kelce brothers broke that down on New Heights this week:

“Let’s talk about maybe the biggest news from this week, and that’s the Travis Kelce tweets, circa maybe 2009 to 2011.” “Haha, man, what’s hilarious is that nobody followed me back then and I was just using Twitter as a diary, just out here saying nonsense like ‘I just gave a squirle a peice of bread,’ and spelled squirrel like a jack***.” “I mean, first of all, that’s the new spelling for squirrel. I don’t know why it’s spelled the other way.”

“NAP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Nap Time’s a classic.” “Who doesn’t love Nap Time?!” “This is why I don’t tweet anymore because it’s just nonsense.” “Up at the Olive Garden with papa!! Had to grab the Fettucini with the chicken alfredo!! #shmacking.” “Olive Garden was one of my favorites. Olive Garden, Red Lobster…” “Cheddar biscuits?” “I could go there right now and **** my stomach up, absolutely house cheddar biscuits, shrimp linguini, some chicken alfredo.”

“The funniest one is this teacher one.” “‘sooo this teacher tried to call on me in class like i wasn’t paying attention, well i was and i didn’t fold under preasure, DUB.’ I mean, it’s a dub. That’s a big dub. You call the teacher out, bam!”

“It sure made for an enjoyable week in rehashing some old tweets.” “Nobody torched me for the singing, I got my fix for this one. I was getting lit up left and right.”

It’s funny to hear the Kelces discuss the internet finding Travis’ old tweets. And they certainly had some fun with it here.

[New Heights on YouTube]

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