The NLL playoff cancellation announcement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created plenty of challenges for leagues in figuring out if or how to resume play, and it’s also shown where leagues and players are on dramatically different pages, especially when it comes to Major League Baseball. But the National Lacrosse League is also now under fire on that front after their announcement Thursday that their 2020 playoffs will not be held (they previously suspended their season on March 12 and cancelled the season on April 6, but left open the possibility of playoffs). That statement was apparently was put out on Twitter before at least some players were advised of that decision. Here’s the statement:

Here’s how Cody Jamieson of the Halifax Thunderbirds reacted:

That comment was retweeted by several NLL players, including Jamieson’s teammate Ryan Benesch and New York Riptide forward Jake Fox. And Doug Jamieson (no relation to Cody), a goalie for the New England Black Wolves, added some further thoughts:

It’s unclear if the NLL did consult the players’ association (the PLPA) before making this announcement. The PLPA Twitter feed features retweets of the story on this and of a video statement from commissioner Nick Sakiewicz, which starts with him addressing “fans, athletes, valued partners, coaches, and members of the media,” and talking about “working non-stop with each of our clubs as well as health and government professionals” (but not mentioning players).

All in all, this doesn’t seem like a great look for the NLL. Cancelling a postseason isn’t an easy thing to do in any circumstances, but it would certainly seem advisable to inform players via at least an e-mail before you take that announcement to social media.

[Cody Jamieson on Twitter]

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