Kahleah Copper. Kahleah Copper.

Twitter can be a source of great recommendations, but they sometimes don’t live up to what’s expected. Kahleah Copper, a forward for the WNBA’s Chicago Sky who’s in Atlanta for a U.S. women’s basketball team training camp ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics (part of a larger tour they’re doing, including exhibition games against the women’s teams from Tennessee and Duke), found that out this week. On Monday, Cooper asked her Twitter followers where to get food in Atlanta:

A number of people responded suggesting popular cafe The Busy Bee. But on Tuesday, For The Win’s Meghan Hall asked Copper how her search went. And Copper revealed she went to The Busy Bee, and she was…not entirely complimentary of that restaurant, going on to say she wouldn’t be taking Twitter recommendations going forward:

“Now, listen to me, y’all. All those people that told me The Busy Bee? Now, the chicken was great, but that macaroni, it was not as advertised. In the picture, it was all put together, crispy top. When I got it, y’all, it was all runny, it had water up under it. I ain’t like that. But the greens was good. So, you know what, I’m going to give him a six out of 10, because I got some banana pudding, and that was good. But them sides, they wasn’t doing what they was supposed to do. So I can’t trust y’all, I ain’t going to Twitter no more.”

That’s a funny exchange, and one that does show a peril in crowdsourcing recommendations. Hopefully Copper’s able to find some restaurants she likes more from other sources during the rest of this trip. The team is training in Atlanta through Thursday before facing Duke on Sunday.

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