Chandler Jones on Instagram Live. Chandler Jones on Instagram Live. (Mitchell Renz on Twitter.)

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a strange situation developing with the Las Vegas Raiders and defensive end Chandler Jones. Jones repeatedly posted about frustrations with the team on Instagram ahead of their Week 1 game against the Denver Broncos, which led to the team holding him out of practice on Sept. 6 in what head coach Josh McDaniels called a “personal” and “private” decision.

After that, Jones made several further strange posts on Instagram and Twitter. That included posting the badge of a Crisis Response Team member sent to his house, posting text exchanges with McDaniels, and more. And now, he’s been posting about being involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, which he said he was released from on Sept. 25. That then led to many strange posts Wednesday and Thursday, including a claim that McDaniels killed Aaron Hernandez. And that’s led to Jones bashing ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Robert Griffin III. This latest round of discussion started with a 25-minute video Jones posted to Instagram Live and Twitter, including those allegations about McDaniels:

This then led to some discussion with Griffin, who said people should pray for Jones, and with Jones also posting a direct message he received from Schefter:

We’ll see what comes of this situation. But it’s certainly odd to see these things that Jones is posting, and to see that include a DM from Schefter.

[Mitchell Renz on Twitter]

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