Sketch on Twitch streaming Madden Credit: The Sketch Real on YouTube

What’s up, brother?

If you’ve heard that catchphrase, odds you are either a fan of Twitch streamer Sketch, who plays EA’s Madden franchise live online in front of thousands, or you maybe just opened social media this month.

The catchphrase is suddenly everywhere in sports. Team social media creators are using it in their content; fans are constantly throwing it out, and even SportsCenter anchor Randy Scott got in on the fun this week, welcoming viewers to the show with a “what’s up brother” followed by another of Sketch’s trademark phrases.

That would be “special teams, special plays, special players,” another quotable you may have encountered on your feed lately.

@espn @Randy Scott 😂 #sketch #sportscenter ♬ original sound – ESPN

While the phrase largely pops up on TikTok, mainstream sports media is also embracing the trend

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz checked in on Sketch and his legions of fans on Friday’s episode. The crew remarked upon how popular Sketch has become while simultaneously going under the radar in the mainstream until this viral trend.

“Sketch would pass by you 1,000 times, and you wouldn’t even look at him,” Anthony Calatayud said. “And then you look at him online; he’s got millions of followers here and there, and he’s kind of taken the internet by storm the past couple of weeks.”

Indeed, TheSketchReal (as he is known on Twitch) has not yet become a mainstream media figure like Druski, Kai Cenat, or the Paul brothers.

But the sports world is clearly taking notice of the popular Madden streamer and his massive following. If NFL athletes know Sketch’s signature phrases and he has broken into huge podcasts and ESPN shows, the man whose Twitch bio calls himself “EVIL MR. BEAST” has arrived.

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