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Chris Haynes was in Sacramento for the play-in game between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. Haynes talked about his own basketball skills on the Inside the NBA pregame show, prompting a response that we can safely say is authentic Charles Barkley.

Haynes talked about the two basketball leagues he plays in and was asked by Shaquille O’Neal what his average is.

“What’s my average? Oh, I was the MVP in the Filipino league that I’m in here,” Haynes said. After Kenny Smith pointed out that Haynes is not Filipino, Haynes replied “I’m not Filipino but, you know, I’m a guest.”

“No disrespect,” Barkley replied. “I know I’m going to get in trouble asking this question. How many Filipinos been drafted into the NBA?”

While Haynes was laughing at the response, Barkley said “I’m just asking a question, man.”

“Hey Chris, sorry I brought it up, man,” Ernie Johnson said. “Enjoy the game. That’s enough.”

O’Neal had to get a one-liner in before the joke ended.

“I know his Filipino name…Manny Blacquiao.”

Haynes backed up his claim with receipts, showing photos of himself playing in his Filipino league — as well as some trophies.

[Video Credit: CJ Fogler, Photo Credit: TNT]

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