Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may have a surprise for opposing pass rushers this upcoming season. Normally, getting rid of the ball quickly, excellent footwork and surprising mobility keep him out of harm’s way. But Rodgers may whip out some swordplay on NFL defenders if they don’t watch out.

Say what? OK, maybe this can’t be classified as football training, though Packers coaches likely can’t complain that their quarterback isn’t staying in shape and honing some skills that require quick reaction and finesse.

Girlfriend Olivia Munn is going to be in the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, as the mutant telepath Psylocke. And the character also happens to be trained as a ninja assassin. (Hey, we’re talking superheroes. And this was the ’90s, when almost everyone was a badass.) So she’s been training with a sword, and it looks like Rodgers wanted in on some of the fun. Or maybe he was just being a supportive boyfriend. Here’s a video Munn posted to Instagram:

Learned some new tricks…

A video posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

OK, we have to give the nod to Munn. But she should be better with the sword anyway, since she’s going to be in a superhero blockbuster film next summer.

Rodgers kind of resembles Luke Skywalker training with that floating ball in the first Star Wars. Though maybe he could make a convincing Conan The Barbarian with those sword skills. That one’s due for another reboot soon, probably. And Rodgers already knows how to get pumped up, thanks to Hans and Franz.

Still, when Tamba Hali, Robert Quinn and other top NFL pass rushers face the Packers this season, Rodgers might have something new for them. If only Green Bay played the Dolphins this year, so Rodgers could show off those skills against Ndamukong Suh.


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