What is it about tennis reporters who don’t care to know the actual outcome of tennis matches?

Last year we saw a reporter congratulate Nicolas Mahut after losing a match at the French Open.

This year at Wimbledon, some Mr. Magoo like person asked Tomas Berdych if he was looking forward to playing in the quarterfinals.  One slight problem.  Berdych was defeated in the Round of 16 by Gilles Simon.  Unfortunately all the videos are geo-blocked at the moment, but here’s a detailed transcript from the Sydney Morning Herald:

The burly Czech went out with a whimper in the fourth round, 6-3 6-3 6-2 in one hour 52 minutes, but the news had obviously not reached one member of the world’s media.

“How do you feel after that match? Do you feel in good shape going into the quarter-finals?” was the opening question at the news conference.

“Sorry? Excuse me?” former Wimbledon runner-up Berdych replied.

The question was repeated. “Do you feel your form is good going into the quarter-finals?”, at which point the moderator stepped in before things turned really ugly.

“Does he know right or is he trying to make fun of me?” the stone-faced sixth seed enquired before questions turned to his last 16 exit, the same as at the French Open.

Unbelievable.  One would think a fundamental element of sports reporting is knowing who won the match.  Could you imagine someone doing this to Bill Belichick or Gregg Popovich?  They would be evaporated with laser fire.

[Sydney Morning Herald]

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