The NFL season ended with Marshawn Lynch playing the role of supporting actor. The Seattle Seahawks running back stood there watching Russell Wilson throw a game-ending interception, and now he is taking on the spotlight all to himself. Lynch is apparently going to be a star on the silver screen, playing himself in the flick “Family First: The Marshawn Lynch story,” according to FOX Sports. There is no release date yet.

Right now, the movie is in post-production and has actor Demarea Davis playing Lynch in middle school, with Lynch’s younger brother Devonte depicting his high-school version, per IMDb. Obviously, Lynch plays the adult version of himself. The movie shows how Lynch rose out of a tough upbringing in Oakland to become a first-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills after a successful college career at the University of California. Lynch eventually moved on to Seattle where he has reached two consecutive Super Bowls, winning once.

This is interesting timing for Lynch. Despite being under contract, Lynch is showcasing interests outside of football, perhaps making Seattle management uneasy. Retirement rumors have been rampant even though Lynch is 28 years old.

It’s safe to say Lynch is likely a better athlete than actor, but at least we get to see a different side of the man. So many professional athletes these days are robots, terrified to give us anything but a status quo soundbite. You can say plenty about Lynch, but he’s not afraid to step out and be himself.

Plus, at least we finally get to hear him talk.

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