ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung decided to address a critic during a game broadcast Monday, and did so in an interesting way. Hartung regularly works for ESPN’s SEC Network, but was part of the broadcast team covering Monday’s College World Series game between LSU and Cal State-Fullerton. That (and potentially Hartung’s status as a Baton Rouge native) had the unaffiliated fan site Twitter account @CSFbaseball griping about her presumed bias, and Hartung responded:

That’s a pretty good response by Hartung, but it’s interesting that she saw this. She wasn’t tagged in the initial tweet, so it’s possible she has a search open for her name; it’s also possible that she looked at the @CSFbaseball account after it followed her, which happened today. It’s also notable that she took the time to respond during a game. Granted, sideline reporters aren’t called on during every at-bat or even every inning, so this didn’t interfere with Hartung’s broadcast work, but it’s still somewhat unusual to see someone involved in a broadcast talk to critics during the broadcast. All in all, that’s a reasonably-measured response from Hartung; it addresses the criticism without getting into a name-calling fight. It’s debatable how much she’ll gain from addressing someone whose opinion of her already seems clear, though.

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