Local TV news stations’ incursions into sports can make for some highly entertaining moments, and that perhaps gets even better when you throw salacious entertainment gossip into the mix. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo claimed last week that embattled and on-his-way-out 79-year-old FIFA president Sepp Blatter “had a relationship” with Irina Shayk, the 29-year-old Russian model who’s frequently been featured in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue (including on the cover of the 2011 edition). Shayk also used to date Cristiano Ronaldo and is currently dating Bradley Cooper. That made these Blatter rumors a subject of discussion for Fox 11 LA’s newscasters, as we see from this clip passed along by Jim Weber:

Yep, that’s a local newscast displaying a magazine featuring a scantily-clad Shayk (what, they couldn’t use any of the eight million photos of her on the internet?), attempting to give a lot of credence to the Blatter rumours (which she hotly denies), and talking about “sloppy seconds,” “sloppy fifteenths” and “sloppy 115ths.” Sean Avery would be proud. The “Did you really say that?” to end the segment is pretty perfect. High-quality hard-hitting journalism here, Fox 11 LA.

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