Dale Hansen

Legendary Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen went all in once again with a video essay last night.  And perhaps that’s an understatement.  This time his subject was the Dallas Cowboys and their signing of Greg Hardy.  The team agreed to terms with Hardy on a one year contract even after he became one of the poster children for the NFL’s domestic violence crisis.

Hansen held nothing back when offering a no holds barred criticism of the team asking, “is there no line you won’t cross, is there no crime you won’t accept, is there no behavior you will not tolerate?”  Hansen cited not only Hardy’s signing, but the team welcoming back Josh Brent after a DUI accident killed teammate Jerry Brown.

While he was at it, the sportscaster also called out Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones, and Cowboys fans for celebrating the signing.

“If Hardy knocks on your front door to take your daughter out for a night on the town, the man you cheer now, you would shoot his ass through the glass.”

Hansen has made headlines for past essays on Michael Sam and racist high school basketball fans in Texas.  But going after the Cowboys like this?  In Dallas?  That takes some real conviction to stand up for what you believe in as a sportscaster.