Longtime Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen rose to national prominence with his profound social commentary on Michael Sam.  This week he delivered another powerful essay after fans were caught displaying racist signs at a high school basketball game in the area.  Hansen shares personal testimony about how his views on race evolved and the challenges still facing present day society, especially in Texas.

This video is exactly why the “stick to sports” mantra is such useless drivel.  If anyone in sports can advocate for positive social change, why should they stay quiet?  Why should things like equality and social justice be platforms for just people outside of sports, especially when such deplorable behavior is displayed at a sporting event?

It’s hard to believe that a commentary like this is even necessary in 2015, but thankfully Hansen was there to deliver it.

You can also read a transcript of Hansen’s essay at WFAA.com.

69 thoughts on “Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen is back with another powerful essay

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