Have you ever wondered what a mid-20’s Colin Cowherd was like as a local sports reporter?  Well you’re in luck because with Cowherd’s impending move from ESPN to Fox in the news, this time machine worthy clip has been making the rounds.  It comes from all the way back in 1989 (!!!) when a young Cowherd was a sports anchor in Las Vegas.

The most amazing thing about the video is how little Cowherd has changed – from his look, to his voice, to his tangential societal commentaries.  Apparently he was a big fan of Ronald Reagan back in the day… or had a sarcasm voice that nobody understood?  Who really knows?  See, nothing has changed!

The biggest surprise about this clip? In a four minute sports report, Cowherd did not aim a bizarre rant at a yet-to-be-born John Wall.

H/T SportsGrid