NBC's Jason Garrett curiously called Dolphins star Tyreek Hill's presence pervasive during Saturday's playoff game. Photo Credit: Peacock Jason Garrett and Mike Tirico. Photo Credit: Peacock

While NBC has been mum on the amount of new subscriptions for Peacock after the service’s exclusive NFL Wild Card game two weekends ago, a research firm has made an estimate.

Variety reports that Antenna, a research firm that vows “to expand knowledge of subscriber behavior so brands can entertain, inspire, and empower the world,” has estimated that Peacock added 2.8 million subscribers for the Wild Card game.

The estimated 2.8 million signups are “the single biggest subscriber acquisition event” measured by Antenna.

As for how that estimate came about, Variety notes that they “are based on millions of permission-based, consumer opt-in, raw transaction records, which are sourced “from a variety of data collection partners.” The data includes online purchase receipts, credit, debit and banking data, and “bill-scrape data.”

In October, during its Q3 earnings call, Comcast announced that Peacock had. 28 million subscribers. The company’s goal was 30 million by the end of 2023, and we should know whether or not that goal was hit during the Q4 earnings call on Thursday. Unless there’s an announcement about the Wild Card game specifically on the call, we probably won’t learn specific information about signups and retention due to the game until the Q1 earnings call in April.

Given how many subscribers Peacock already had, “only” adding 2.8 million seems like something of a disappointment. With 1.35 million people watching on local NBC affiliates in Kansas City and Miami, adding 2.8 million subscribers to reach an average minute audience of 23 million would seemingly imply that much of the audience came from existing Peacock subscribers.


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