fuboTV has tried to build their brand around having a wide variety of live sports, branding that has taken a slight hit as they dropped the Fox Sports RSNs this year and still don’t carry any ESPN networks.

Those are some big missing pieces at the top, though they are a rare streaming service that offers the PAC-12 Network, along with a variety of international sports offerings as well. Now, they’ve added a pair of domestic league networks to the mix, with MLB Network and NHL Network joining some of fubo’s premium tiers.

NHL Network is available now, with both MLB Network and Strike Zone coming soon, presumably in time for Opening Day on March 26th. As The Streamable notes, fubo recently moved NBATV from their standard tier to the Sports Plus and Extra tiers, leaving just NFL Network as a professional league network in the standard tier.

Obviously it’s not on the same level as adding ESPN, or even negotiating a deal for the Sinclair-owned Fox RSNs to return, but this is still a positive move for a streaming service that wants to hang its hat on sports options.

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