Fox News is not a network that comes to mind when looking for sports coverage. (Although Fox Business Network has occasionally been tapped to carry college football when weather delays or overtimes bump programming from regularly scheduled times on FS1.)

But the Fox News streaming service, Fox Nation, is looking to broaden its reach with content beyond conservative political talk. According to Bloomberg’s Gerry Smith, that expansion will include hunting and fishing programming aimed at Fox News’ “Middle America” audience. The shows will feature Fox News talent and other celebrities participating in outdoor sports.

If stepping outside politics into hunting and fishing seems unusual, consider that the Fox News website has regularly featured content on outdoor sports in recent years. Articles under the “Hunting” category include reports on bowhunters setting records, an elderly woman getting her first buck, and a vegan married to a hunter.

Unfortunately, the majority of posts have to do with hunting accidents (some of them tragic) and animal abuse. Presumably, those subjects won’t be a part of any Fox Nation program.

“We’re trying new and different things,” John Finley, Fox News’ executive vice president of development, told Bloomberg. “I think I can widen the net and appeal to the traditional Fox News audience and find new viewers at the same time.”

Other genres the network will be adding to its streaming content include true crime (one show will be hosted by former HLN legal expert Nancy Grace) and country music. Scripted programming may be considered as well, the popularity of which will be tested with episodes of Fox’s upcoming series Deputy. Fox Nation has already found success with historical content and travel programs.

Launching in November 2018, Fox Nation reportedly has 200,000 to 300,000 subscribers currently. The service costs $5.99 per month for a subscription.

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