On a recent episode of Ted Lasso, footballer-turned-commentator Roy Kent realized that by speaking freely, curse words and all, he was able to be authentic with audiences who felt the same way. It doesn’t appear that actual Sky Sports reporter Gary Cotterill was trying to do the same thing on purpose, but it might have had the same effect anyway.

Cotterill was doing a live broadcast about Manchester City on Tuesday as the football club was at the center of the Premier League’s biggest player transfer stories. Along with the news that City was close to signing Aston Villa star Jack Grealish in a £100 million deal, rumors have been running rampant about the potential arrival of Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, who appears to be forcing his way out of town.

Speaking outside Tottenham’s training facility, Cotterill was discussing the drama surrounding Kane’s saga. But as he was attempting to say that Kane was fighting to put on that light blue Manchester City shirt, he jumbled a few of those consonants and instead used a term that many of Man City’s rivals have been happy to use for years.

Credit to Cotterill for maintaining his composure as he clearly seems to realize what he’s accidentally said. Also, it’s a shame he tripped over that whole Citizen Kane metaphor thing he was working on because he almost pulled it off.

Alas, when you refer to Manchester City as Manchester Shitty live on-air, people are going to notice. Especially Manchester United fans.

All in good fun. And we’re sure Cotterill won’t have to worry about hearing about it from Manchester City fans the next time he’s in town. If he does get harassed, however, he can simply tell them he learned from the best…

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