Liverpool and Everton met in the Merseyside Derby on Sunday in one of the most famous rivalries in world soccer. In spite of dominating the game, Liverpool had to settle for a 1-1 tie, thanks to a very soft and controversial penalty decision going against them.

Reds manager Jurgen Klopp was obviously frustrated with A) the penalty decision and B) the inability of his own team to put the game away with a second goal. The German is known across the sport for his colorful personality and has never shied away from being willing to go back and forth with the media.

All of that made for one of the more interesting post-match interviews you’ll ever see, with Klopp battling wits with Sky Sports reporter Patrick Davison. He bashes Everton for not being willing to do anything but defend and gets Davison to give his own take on the decision. The best part is Klopp’s reaction to being told that the experts in the Sky studio disagreed with him on the penalty decision.

Now all I can think about is what would happen if an American coach like Bill Belichick or Gregg Popovich got into an all-out debate with an interviewer. That’s not an easy position for a reporter to be in, but Davison more than held his own. And on Twitter he said he didn’t have a problem with Klopp’s brutal honesty.

With these debating skills, whenever Klopp leaves Liverpool Sky Sports should sign him up to do their own UK edition of First Take.