Bill Simmons in disbelief A screengrab of Spotify/The Ringer’s Bill Simmons in disbelief.

At this point, Bill Simmons’ propensity for bringing up the 1980s Boston Celtics has become somewhat of a meme.

So much so that even “The Sports Guy” is aware that he can’t help but bring up the glory days of the Green and White.

But on the latest episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Ringer founder took his ability to randomly reference the Celtics’ most recent run of multiple championships to another level. It began with a discussion regarding the newfound GOAT debate between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, in which Simmons unsurprisingly sided with the former New England Patriots quarterback.

“I gotta defend my guy Brady for a split-second here,” Simmons said. “Brady went to 10 Super Bowls and he won seven. Brady won 19 of 22 division titles. Brady went 35-13 in the playoffs and had 13 first-round byes, which means if you’re just saying playoff round advancements, he advanced 48 times. I really want to see somebody beat that in my lifetime. Brady beat Mahomes twice in the playoffs — 2018 and the Super Bowl… [Mahomes] is on great pace. Kudos to Patrick Mahomes, but Tom Brady — the GOAT thing shouldn’t be on this plate. Mahomes is on Brady’s corner and that’s it… Everybody, settle the f*** down.”

To be clear, it’s OK to acknowledge that Mahomes is “on Brady’s corner.” But arguing that Mahomes — while obviously less accomplished than Brady — is the best quarterback to have ever played? That’s where Simmons draws the line.

Simmons’ predictably Boston-centric stance would have been funny enough, but he proceeded to up the ante with more Sports Guy tropes. Acknowledging Mahomes’ incredible six-year run, Simmons launched into a monologue regarding the best decade to start to any athlete’s career — a debate we’ve all surely had — before quickly bringing up his favorite basketball player of all time.

“What I do think is in play is ‘best decade to start a career.’ I’ve always had this theory with Larry Bird: his first nine years, I think, is the greatest start to a career in the history of the NBA,” Simmons said, before reading a laundry list of the Hick from French Lick’s accomplishments, including an argument that he should have won the 1981 MVP award over Dr. J.

The other candidates on Simmons’ list? Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana and of course, another former Boston Celtic in Bill Russell. Simmons ultimately gave the distinction to Russell, even though he had just given it to Bird minutes earlier.

All things considered, this was vintage Sports Guy. Not only did he predictably defend Brady’s honor, but he did so while sparking a trivial sports debate, which he then in turn used as an opportunity to discuss both Larry Bird and Bill Russell.

And to think some people are questioning whether Simmons’ best days are behind him.

[The Bill Simmons Podcast]

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