Tiki Barber, Evan Roberts, and Joe Benigno Credit: WFAN

To paraphrase a common phrase, longtime radio host Joe Benigno brought the heat on Monday and Tiki Barber got the heck out of the kitchen.

Draped in Jets gear, Benigno joined Barber and co-host Evan Roberts for Monday’s episode of WFAN’s Evan and Tiki. The big topic of conversation was, of course, the New York Jets. Specifically, the play of quarterback Zach Wilson, whose performance on Sunday in a 15-10 loss to the New England Patriots could best be described as subpar.

Barber, who rose to fame with the New York Giants, somehow found himself in the role of defending Wilson and the Jets while Benigno and Roberts had seen enough and wanted the franchise to move on from their third-year QB. Barber’s attempt to do so set Benigno off to the point where Barber ended up turning off his mic and walking out of the studio.

“You hate the Jets. You would love to see the Jets go 2-15, stop it. You’re a Giant,” yelled Benigno.

“I love Nate Hackett. I do not hate the Jets,” Barber calmly replied.

“If this was the situation with the Giants, you’d be screaming to get Wilson the hell outta there,” responded Benigno.

Barber tried to make his case but Benigno’s fiery retorts were impenetrable, leading Barber to just give up.

“Alright, Joe. Sounds good. I’m turning my mic off, buddy,” said Barber before doing just that. His calm demeanor eventually cracked, however, as Benigno continued. “That’s bull****,” said Tiki while pointing in his direction.

As Roberts tried to make the point that former Jets QB Mike White should have been given more time than Wilson, Barber took a big swig, threw his earbuds on the table, and walked away.

Tiki returned to his seat after Benigno left the program, saying that he just needed to walk away and calm down.

“People can believe that I hate the Jets all they want. I don’t hate the Jets. In fact, I love Nate Hackett, he’s a good friend of mine,” said Barber. “But I had to go calm myself with some Dunkin’.”

Barber has had a tough time around Jets discussions so far this season. After he made an incorrect speculation about Jets coach Robert Saleh during the preseason, he was forced to apologize on air.


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