Sports radio talk show host Mike Francesa Feb 18, 2023; Queens, New York, USA; Sports radio talk show host Mike Francesa at Carnesecca Arena. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Francesa remains a household name among New York sports fans, but not household enough to command $50 for an autograph.

Friday afternoon, Evan Roberts and Craig Carton read a report on WFAN from the Asbury Park Press, which stated Francesa will appear at the New Jersey Sports Card Convention on Saturday, Sept. 16. General admission starts at $16 per day and the convention advertises that Francesa autographs will cost $50 each, $75 for a photo, or $99 for a package deal.

Throughout Francesa’s career, he signed autographs for free at live shows and appearances. Without making assumptions about his current financial situation, charging $50 for an autograph would seem like an obnoxious jump. But less than an hour after Carton and Roberts read the report on-air, chiding Francesa for seemingly attempting to profit off his signature, the Sports Pope responded on Twitter, vehemently denying all charges and saying his appearance was cancelled.

“I have never and would never charge anybody for an autograph or a photo,” Francesa tweeted. “This was to be an appearance, nothing more. I get requests to my home daily and gladly sign and return. That will never change.”

Currently on iPlay America’s website, the indoor amusement park hosting the New Jersey Sports Card Convention in September, it says Francesa’s appearance has been cancelled. However, former wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg will be making signings for $100. It’s possible Francesa agreed to appear at the event for a flat fee, and the convention planned on recouping some of that expense by charging fans for his signature.

Even if that’s the case and the WFAN legend didn’t set the rate, there should be a contract for Francesa’s appearance stating the convention’s plans of charging $50 for autographs. Maybe the New Jersey Card Convention attempted to sneak the charge into Francesa’s appearance, or maybe it was an oversight by his agent.

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