Glenn Ordway is a Boston sports radio legend.

In addition to a variety of broadcasting roles, including a stint calling games for the Celtics, Ordway has been a host on WEEI for more than 30 years. Now, at 70, Ordway announced his plans for retirement, effective at the end of summer. Here’s the on-air announcement from yesterday:

Ordway will maintain some duties, including hosting Patriots postgame shows, but in terms of his daily sports radio format he’s hanging it up. Ordway discussed the plans with Chad Finn at

He will stay on as the host of “The Real Postgame Show” after Patriots games, and will also develop a podcast.

 “We’re talking about stuff right now, but I do want to do ‘The Real Posgame Show.’ I’ve done it for a zillion years with those two guys, Fred and DeOssie.

“I’m planning on doing [‘The Real Postgame Show’]. But there’s a bunch of other stuff,’’ said Ordway, who still has time remaining on his contract beyond this year. “I’m going to be dropping in. I’m going to have a presence on the radio station, which is perfect for me. It will give me an opportunity to stay embedded here and yet have my freedom and spend time with my family.”

Working in radio for fifty years, Ordway saw a seismic shift in the industry, and managed to adapt and thrive throughout. That’s not easy to do in any job, much less one in media, which has changed as much as anything could possibly change in the last five decades. Congratulations to Ordway on the well-earned retirement.


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