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WWE held its annual WrestleMania spectacle this past weekend.

But while the two-day event proved to be the biggest in the company’s history, not everyone has gotten the message that pro wrestling is cool again.

During Monday’s episode of Boomer and Gio, the WFAN co-hosts took notice of WrestleMania results being included in one of the station’s sports updates. And suffice to say, neither Boomer Esiason nor Gregg Giannotti were thrilled with WWE being lumped in with the rest of the sports world.

“WWE is scripted, it’s not a sport,” Esiason noted after the show replayed Peter Schwartz including Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship in the WrestleMania XL main event in one of his overnight Sports Flash updates.

“It’s not. They are athletes and what they do I could never do,” Giannotti replied. “However, the results are scripted,”

Esiason went on to liken WWE to a Broadway play. Giannotti proceeded to compare including WrestleMania results in a sports update to also including the outcome of the Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale.

“I am not downplaying the popularity of WrestleMania, it was huge,” Giannotti said. “But to put it in the update after the Devils score? Come on!… I mean, it should not be in a sports update, you agree?”

“No. Yeah, of course not,” Esiason concurred. “He could have done that 24 hours earlier and he would have known who would have won.”

It’s understandable for non-pro wrestling fans to be perturbed by the inclusion of WWE results in a sports update and if Esiason and Giannotti want to draw the line at predetermined outcomes, so be it. Esiason’s logic, however, is somewhat flawed, as no wrestling fan — Schwartz or otherwise — was certain of the main event’s outcome until it actually occurred on Sunday night.

All things considered, this appeared to be an outlier; it’s not as if Schwartz is regularly including obscure WWE Raw results in his updates. Rather, he was sharing what happened in one of the biggest pro wrestling shows of all time, which also happened to be somewhat local as WrestleMania XL took place in Philadelphia.

But hey, if Esiason and Giannotti want to protect the sanctity of the overnight sports radio update, who am I to say otherwise?


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