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Shannon Sharpe has revealed a lot about his unique personality since jumping into the podcast space.

But on Tuesday he upped the ante once again, confessing to an “obsession” with his oral hygiene that includes brushing his teeth as many as 10 times per day and frequently popping Listerine tablets in an effort to smell and taste fresh throughout his busy schedule.

“I’ve always said if I ever were to come into some money, I’m going to get my teeth fixed,” Sharpe explained on Monday’s edition of Nightcap with Chad Johnson. “I ain’t gonna have no rotting teeth, I ain’t gonna have no teeth missing.”

As a result, Sharpe said he brushes between seven and 10 times per day:

  1. Once when he wakes up
  2. Once after breakfast, before leaving the house
  3. Once in the restroom at ESPN studios before First Take begins
  4. Once after eating lunch
  5. Once after his afternoon nap
  6. Once after dinner
  7. Once before bed

“That’s enough god damn brushing,” Johnson retorted.

Sharpe revealed he goes through a tube of toothpaste each week and changes brushes every two weeks.

“Everybody says the same thing, ‘You’re good, it’s okay,'” Sharpe said. “But it’s an obsession now.”

Sharpe is worried that someone might question his hygiene or criticize his scent. In the past, Sharpe admitted to never pooping in front of a woman — or even passing gas.

While he doesn’t extend his mouth expectations to the women he’s with, Sharpe does live each day worried he will get roasted for smelling bad.

“That’s my biggest fear, if someone were to tell me my breath stinks,” Sharpe said.

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