Shannon Sharpe pitches live show for Nightcap Photo credit: Nightcap

Shannon Sharpe wants to take his Nightcap podcast with co-host Chad Johnson on the road, and he has an interesting destination in mind.

A sports and entertainment host taking their show on the road in front of a live audience certainly isn’t groundbreaking. But doing it from a prominent strip club might be.

“Can we do a Nightcap from Magic City?” Sharpe asked Johnson during a recent episode of Nightcap. “I mean, it’s a magic place; magic can have whatever you want to, so the whole show is after dark.”

Scroll through some of Awful Announcing’s previous coverage of Nightcap, and you might assume the podcast was already after dark. But maybe the only way to make the podcast even more after dark is by bringing it to a strip club. It doesn’t sound like a live show from Magic City is in the works yet for Nightcap, but Sharpe went ahead and cut an amazing promo for the potential show off the top of his head, anyway.

“Y’all know what it is, but all the way live from ATL, Georgia,” Sharpe said with a smirk. “It’s your favorite, Unc, y’all know who it is coming at ya. We all the way live down here in Magic City. The wings, the thighs are on point. Oh! One more time, y’all! $10 for the top, $10 for the bottom is all it takes to get those drawers to fall.

“Come on down here and get down with your boy! But y’all need to come on down; I’m ready for that. Come on down here, come on down here, come on down here, and join us. It’s your favorite Unc, Shannon Sharpe. Ocho Cino. Y’all know who it is, Liberty City’s own; we got the best women in town at Magic City.”

Sharpe has several shows he could take to Magic City, but Nightcap certainly fits best. It would be hard to conduct a long-form interview for Club Shay Shay in that environment. And obviously, Disney isn’t about to send Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith to Magic City for an after dark version of First Take. So, that leaves Nightcap.

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson live from Magic City would be must see content for several obvious reasons. Come for the wings, stay for Sharpe offering live play-by-play of the action and scenery.


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