Katie Nolan, Pablo Torre Credit: Pablo Torre Finds Out

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox at this exact moment?

It’s a personal question but it’s one that can start a real conversation. In this particular instance, it’s a debate that several sports media personalities have weighed in.

It started on Pablo Torre Finds Out when Ariel Helwani said Monday that he had 57 emails that he hadn’t set his eyes on. He said that, to him, that was a lot. It’s an amount that drives him “insane.”

Torre said he had 3,282 unread emails. Katie Nolan, meanwhile, has 22,922 unread emails.

“My screen would drive you crazy,” Nolan said.

“A lot of that is stuff like Grubhub being like, ‘We’ve got your order!’ and I just never open or delete it. I try to,” Nolan added. “Every day now I try and go through and delete all the ones I don’t need, but there’s like years of me not doing that.”

To me, that doesn’t sound that bad, but to others, it did.

ESPN’s own Mina Kimes simply asked, “How do you people live like this?”

Helwani doubled down and responded, “Team no unread emails … right?”

Kimes came in with the ultimate power move, and receipts — showing off her very much-read inbox. Perfection.

New York Times’ Jane Coaston really laid into the trio and said, “I have no idea how people with any unread emails in their inbox sleep at night. A crime against organization.”

Some free advice: Just turn off your app badges.

If it makes Nolan feel any better, she’s got nothing on Awful Announcing EIC Ben Koo.

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