Bill Belichick Nick Saban Photos via USA Today, edit by Liam McGuire for Comeback Media.

Mike Greenberg has a TV show and a radio show, but he doesn’t have a podcast. Bill Belichick and Nick Saban could convince him to change that.

Earlier this week, Greenberg and his radio co-host Paul Hembekides (Hembo) pondered what’s next for Belichick and Saban as two of the greatest coaches in football history won’t be on the sideline this year. Saban announced his retirement from Alabama last month. Belichick parted ways with the New England Patriots and intended to coach this season, but was unable to find a taker.

While speculating about the futures of Belichick and Saban, Hembo suggested the two coaches team up for a podcast. And Greenberg came to the conclusion that he would like to host the show, hypothetically named Grumpy GOATS.

“Do they need a host?” Greenberg asked. “I could do that. I would be a very good host for that. Saban likes me. I don’t know if Bill likes me. Our relationship has always been OK.”

Hembo quickly reminded Greenberg that landing the gig is less about whether Belichick and Saban like him and more about whether all of their agents like each other.

“That’s a good question. I don’t know who represents Bill. Saban’s does,” Greenberg said with a chuckle. “Saban’s in the right place. That would be a very good (podcast). That podcast, it would be good…Get CAA on the phone.”

The idea of Belichick and Saban teaming up in the media was already spawned by Rich Eisen last month, with Peter King endorsing the concept by suggesting a network hire the duo for a CoachCast. But as Greenberg saw that train start to gain some momentum, he figured he’d try to jump aboard and host a show with two of the most famous coaches in America.

But let’s put aside whether Belichick and Saban would have any interest in doing this sort of thing or whether they have interest in Greenberg joining them for the hypothetical project, there remains one glaring problem. Belichick coined the phrase “No days off.” Greenberg infamously takes a lot of days off. So right there, this already seems like a bad fit.


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