Peacock Peacock faced criticism for streaming issues on Saturday morning.

Streaming and the challenges that come with it have been a fascinating task for everyone to take on. These will start percolating in the sports world much more often now that the leagues are starting to really lean into it. Warner Bros. Discovery recently made headway on an add-on function, using their Bleacher Report branding for a sports-exclusive add-on. But even the most robust streaming companies still deal with issues from time to time. Peacock found that out on Saturday morning.

The streaming service’s Barclays Premier League and Ryder Cup coverage became interrupted and wrought with issues. Namely, an error message repeatedly appeared for hopefuls looking to watch the Saturday morning soccer matches and the golf tournament.




Technical issues could be a huge bother for Peacock if they persist. It isn’t just golf and soccer that the streaming app will broadcast on Saturday. Later in the day, Illinois plays Purdue, and Iowa plays Michigan State in football. And if that weren’t enough, the app will broadcast WWE NXT’s ‘No Mercy’ event at 8 p.m. Eastern. So, trouble could be brewing if the problems aren’t fixed.

It’s just another day in the life of streaming. While the advances have made things convenient for some, issues that wouldn’t always occur with cable, have often frustrated customers. Not to mention the rising prices and how, if you didn’t know any better, you’d swear these bundles the services are offering now look an awful lot like cable bundles. Opponents of streaming cannot be pleased again with the news that more difficulties emerged on Saturday morning. It’s a tough look, certainly, especially for exclusives to the service.

Peacock will have to hope things get better before the end of the day. Otherwise, it could both be a very long day and a very long night.


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