Josh Allen and Peppa Pig on new Paramount+commercial

Every media company on planet earth seems to have one mission in mind – to get you to pay for their streaming platform. Relative to other offerings, Paramount+ is rather new on the market. And because you might not know off the top of your head what all sits under the Paramount umbrella, the company has to work a little bit harder to create awareness for its brand and streaming service. Enter Josh Allen, Peppa Pig, and Jim Nantz. Now there’s a combo that you never thought you would need in your life.

The commercial features Allen (NFL) and Peppa Pig (Nickelodeon) hanging out at the “Paramount Mountain.” Of course Allen is in uniform to prepare for the cold temperatures in Buffalo ahead of this weekend’s frigid Wild Card game against the Steelers. When Allen prepares to throw a long one for Peppa, evil Transformer Terrorcon shows up to show off his real arm cannon. But Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are there! And so are Tracy Wolfson and Dora the Explorer to report from the sidelines!

If you’ve waited your whole life to hear a transformer say, “Silence Jim Nantz!” then this is finally your chance.

Five out of five stars for the creativity and the completely wild collection of characters. If we only had an actual series where Josh Allen and Peppa Pig fought transformers with Nantz and Romo providing commentary, maybe then Paramount+ would definitely be worth shelling out the extra money for a subscription!

[Paramount Plus Youtube]